Sunday, April 26, 2009

April 26: New Home Page

We’ve created a new home page for

Why? Because is not just for policy wonks but for ordinary Britons concerned about where their money goes.

The new home page features three charts and a small table about public spending, central and local, in the United Kingdom:

  • A bar chart of total public spending in the UK centering on the current year
  • A pie chart showing how central government and local authority spending divide up the spending pie
  • A pie chart showing the division of the economy into private sector and public sector
  • A table showing total public spending and debt in the UK over five years

If you like, you can copy the charts and save them on your own computer.

But what if you are conservative and like the old ways at What if you like a comforting wall of numbers instead of a bunch of charts? No problem. Just click here and you’ll get to the “classic” home page.

On the main menu across the top of every page, we now have the following tabs:

  • HOME - the new home page
  • NUMBERS - the “classic” home page
  • CHARTS - the time-series chart page (also has download feature)
  • BUDGET - headline charts on the current uk budget
  • DOWNLOAD - the gateway to data downloading at

If you’d like to comment on this change, please use the comments section below, or the Leave a Comment link in the right column.

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