Monday, June 9, 2014

Revised Pensions and Welfare for 1948-1992

On June 9, 2014 we revised data series for "Pensions" and "Welfare".

Up to now we have lumped all government income support payments for the years 1948 through 1992 in a single bucket called "Social Protection."  This is because the data source for those years, the National Income and Expenditure report issued by the Central Statistical Office, showed a single item for social expenditures as "National insurance, pensions and assistance" or "Current grants to personal sector."

But the Office for National Statistics publishes data series from the "United Kingdom National Accounts - The Blue Book, 2013 Dataset" that divide these social services into their pension and welfare components.  We have used the data series from section 5.2.4S: "ACHH Central govt: social security benefits - National Insurance Fund" to stand in for "Welfare" and the data series "CSDG: NIF: current grants to personal sector: retirement pensions" to stand in for "Pensions."  These data series go back to 1948 right after the Beveridge Report and the National Insurance Act of 1946 nationalized the distribution of social assistance benefits.

Here is a chart and a csv file to show the before:

and here is a chart and a csv file to show the after.

The "after" chart shows a pension data series going back to 1910. We have also moved current and capital local authority spending for Housing from "Welfare" to "Other Spending."

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